Reading Room

COVID Announcement – Until further notice, all tutoring sessions are conducted via FaceTime or Zoom. Please contact Marie for more information.

The Reading Room offers remedial reading instruction for children who are struggling readers or have been identified with a reading disability. The programs develop a strong foundation in reading and spelling skills, as well as increase vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The Say the Sounds , OnTrack, and Phonics for Reading programs build instruction on the sounds of language, using strategies that emphasize phonemic awareness, blending and segmenting skills, and the learning of the alphabetic code. As students move from mastering the decoding of simple to complex to multi-syllable words, they reinforce their new skills through reading books at their current level of ability.

Spelling strategies from All About Spelling, writing instruction with Writing Skills, grammar instruction with Ridgewood Grammar, and vocabulary acquisition from Wordly Wise are woven into the programs. A special emphasis is placed on developing fluency and monitoring reading comprehension.

Initial and mid-program assessments help determine the best program for the child and adapt it to meet individual needs.

Children meet once a week, one-on-one, with the instructor for 20, 32, or 48 one hour sessions. An additional 20 sessions are available to increase multi-syllabic reading strategies and fluency skills for intermediate students.

On-going, parental involvement with the homework greatly enhances the progress of the programs and reduces the remediation period, thus ensuring the child’s success at becoming a proficient reader.

For information about Fees and Scheduling Sessions, please contact Marie Prins.

For weekly updates on great books, reading programs, and information about literacy, visit the Facebook page.

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